Aliens & Artists

Man Meets Mantis

June 4, 2020

In 2010, Stuart Davis (spiritual artist, filmmaker, and songwriter) had contact with an 8-foot tall Praying Mantis entity as well as subsequent synchronicities that are hard to explain. Since then, he's written and sold three screenplays dealing with this otherworldly encounter. In the latter half, he described how this experience has not only changed him but his art too, leading to his eventual channeling of the Mantis being to get answers behind the phenomenon. Davis' brief but life-changing encounter with the Mantis took place while he had a high fever. The entity appeared in a purple robe in front of his bed, and he felt something like an electric current that was accompanied by the sounds of clicks and pops.

After the visitation was over, he was left with a curious phrase in his mind: "remember who you work for." He later saw an orb that he associated with the Mantis, as well as heard inexplicable tuning fork sounds. He documented a whole series of odd episodes where the crew working on his Mantis film encountered praying mantis insects at powerful emotional events, such as the funeral of one of their close associates. Fiona, another colleague of Davis', relayed her dream to him that he had an alien implant in his right shoulder. He indeed had one but had never told anyone about it. During his channeling session with the Mantis, the being informed him that they could use their namesake insects as signaling systems. The being also confirmed that they collaborated with the Grey aliens on occasion, but served to keep them in line.

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